Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display

Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display.

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1966 Fox Trac  412C 1966 Fox Trac 412C
Mr. Fred P. (Fox) and his son, Stanley, organized Fox Body Corporation in Jaynesville, WI in 1946. The firm manufactured truck bodies and other products. In 1963 they introduced the Fox Trac snowmobile, which grew to be the firm’s principal product through 1973. The firm was also well-known for its production of mini-bikes. In 1969, Fox Corp. agreed to merge with Beaver Creek Industries and became the Fox Division of Beaver Creek Industries. The 412C model is considered a medium width rear engine machine. The 12 in 412 stands for a 12hp Kohler engine. The machine has a reverse transmission and a hand operated disc brake. The track system is unique in that the track has nylon wear blocks mounted on the track that follow a tubular track guide system.

1966 Sno Jet 1966 Sno Jet
Paul-Emile Roy built his first snowmobile in 1964. Les Industries Fibre de Verre Thetford, Inc. of Thetford-Mines, Quebec, Canada was building boats and went into the snowmobile business by selling 25 machines in 1966. By 1968 almost 5,500 had been sold and the company was sold to the Glastron Boat Division of Conroy Industries. Sno Jet was a very popular brand and continued to expand. In 1977, Kawasaki took over Sno Jet and produced the Kawasaki Sno Jet for one year before entering the snowmobile business with their own brand. These 1977 machines were actually manufactured by Arctic Enterprises.

1966 Wards Riverside 1966 Wards Riverside

1967 Boatel   Ski-Bird 15 1967 Boatel Ski-Bird 15
The Boatel Company of Mora, MN bought out the Abe Matthews Manufacturing Company’s snowmobile line in 1965 to add another manufacturing activity to their successful boat manufacturing activities. They manufactured the Trailmaker, Ski-Bird, and later the Grand-Prix models from 1965 through 1972. The Boatel Ski-Bird was advertised as “When the flag goes down…Boatel Ski-Bird will be there at the finish”. Boatel was proud of its performance in “stock” racing. Performances during the 1965-66 racing season: Eagle River Int’l Snowmobile Marathon 1st in the cross country 1st in the economy run Antigo Int’l Snowmobile Meet 1st, 2nd, 3rd cross country Brainerd Snowmobile Rally 1st – 4th in the lap races Winnipeg to St. Paul Winter Carnival All entered Boatels finished

1967 Eaton's Sno Trac 1967 Eaton's Sno Trac

1967 McCulloch 1967 McCulloch
This 10 hp model was manufactured under license from Fox Body Corporation (Fox snowmobiles), Woods Cox (W.E. Woods) Corporation of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. They were only made in 1966 and 1967. They looked identical to the Fox Trac models, except for the colors. There were 2 models – one with a 10hp JLO and one with a 15.5hp JLO engine. It weighs 250lbs and has a 4 gallon gas tank. A warm-up stand could be purchased as an accessory. These machines are fairly rare.

1967 Rupp Sno Sport 1967 Rupp Sno Sport
“Only Sno Sport Wakes UP Winter” was a slogan used by Rupp Manufacturing of Mansfield, Ohio to promote the 1967 Rupp Sno Sports. The 1967 Rupp Sno Sport had several improvements and changes from the 1966 Rupps. The Sno Sport still utilized the all aluminum chassis but with stiffeners added to the running boards. The engine was placed in a lay down position with the cylinder and piston reversed which allowed the exhaust to be located behind the motor. Track clips were added to the double sprocket track for improved reliability. The one piece hood and belly pan was still used but with fake grill decals and with no front bumper. The 300cc Hirth engine produced 16hp. The plastic gas tank is mounted like a glove in the front of the nose cone and was a source of cracking and leaks. A replacement metal tank was supplied as a recall item.

1967 Scatmobile 1967 Scatmobile
The Scatmobile is an all-terrain, all-season, vehicle. It was made between 1967 and 1971, but none of the machines have a serial tag so there is no way to determine when each machine was made. They were made in Grand Rapids, MI Some of the features include: Triple-traction power train, self-cleaning traction train, removable seat, chair height seating, Borg Warner 3 speed gear box with reverse fiberglass body, top speed of 50 mph, and a disc brake. Electric start, snow traction belt with cleats and a canvas cover were options.

1967 Ski Daddler Cruiser 22 1967 Ski Daddler Cruiser 22
Ski Daddler snowmobiles were manufactured in York, PA by AMF Western Tools, Inc. which was a subsidiary of the American Machine and Foundry Company of Des Moines, IA. Ski Daddler introduced 2 models in 1966. They were the 5810 Power Sled and the 5920 Clipper. For 1967, 3 models were introduced: the model 5811 (10.2hp Sno-Scout), model 5812 (12hp Super Scout), and model 5813 (21hp Cruiser 22). The Cruiser 22 featured a 22” track, a 540cc Mag motor, electric start, dual head- lights and had a forward and reverse transmission. The unit weighed 450# and retailed for $1299.95. For the 1968 model year, 5 models were produced including the Sno-Scout, the Super Scout Mark I-II-III and the Wide Track 22 with 24hp. From 1970 to 1972, 15,000 Ski Daddlers were produced before production stopped at the end of the 1972 model year.

1967 Stanaback 1967 Stanaback
In 1967, Mr. Ken Stanaback of Grand Rapids, MI researched, designed, and built 2 one-of-a-kind snowmobiles that operated with twin tracks and no skis. This is the only remaining one. This machine utilizes a 400cc Lloyd motor and is steered by dual clutches and brakes on the drive axle. The machine is capable of turning 180 degrees in its own length. There is no brake on the machine. Collector Bud Knapp discovered this machine in 1997.

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