1974 Johnson JX-400

1974 Johnson JX-400 - The Johnson JX and Evinrude Skimmer series marked a radical change for the Outboard Marine Corp. (OMC). These machines were powered by alternate-firing twin cylinder engines, available in 35, 40 and 50hp models (the 400, 440 and 650 series respectively). Prior to this, most OMC models were powered by the horizontal opposed twin cylinder engine. The JX and Skimmer series were manufactured for 3 years, beginning in 1974 and ending in 1976 when OMC discontinued its snowmobile division. The machines remained basically unchanged for the 3 years. In 1975 the 650 series (50hp) was available in either bogie or slide-rail suspension. This was the first time that OMC offered a slide-rail suspension. In 1976 all 3 models were available in either suspension system. This particular machine was purchased at "Shippee and Smith" in Owosso, MI. It was fully loaded with the optional electrical start, speedometer, tachometer and ski shock absorbers. It was purchased by the father of Larry Weinreiss. Larry currently lives in Newberry. MI.

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