Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display

Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display.

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1972 Skiroule S-250 1972 Skiroule S-250
From 1964 to 1966 Rejean Houle built prototype snowmobiles (40 in 1964 and 200 in 1965) before introducing the first commercial Skiroule model in 1966 when 700 were produced. The origin of the Skiroule name is from SKIRejean hOULE. The machines were produced in Wickam, Quebec, Canada. In 1969, Coleman bought the company and the Skiroule models carried the Coleman logo until 1975 when the HMK (Herbert M. Karol) Manufacturing Company of Montreal, Quebec bought the Skiroule line from Coleman. In 1976, Skiroule went bankrupt and very few 1977 models were ever produced. With the 1972 RTX, Skiroule produced its most appealing model.

1972 Sno Pac  Coyote 1972 Sno Pac Coyote
The Sno Pac Coyote was manufactured by Farmington Engineering Company of Farmington, MN. The sled was built for the 1972 model year and was unique in that it was a rear engine sled long after most rear-engine sleds had disappeared. Advertising claimed that Coyote owners would leave behind noise, smoke…and the competition. Coyote riders were treated to electric start, a plush, bucket-style seat, the “Indy Glide” suspension and a choice of four metal flake colors. Coyotes were powered by Kohler and Sachs engines.

1972 Sno Pac Pacer 1972 Sno Pac Pacer
The Sno Pac Pacer model and the Coyote model were made by Farmington Engineering, Inc. of Farmington, MN. This model has an 18 inch track, and a 340cc or 440cc engine option, and a bogey rail or slide suspension. They also have 51/4 inch wide skis, a Salisbury clutch and deep foam seats.

1973  Raider Prototype 1973 Raider Prototype
This machine was made in Troy, MI and is believed to be a one and only prototype Raider made by Bob Bracey. It was made as a prototype to test a CCW, Salsbury Hydro transmission for production use with the Honda motor. This technology was added to 5 machines in Japan, but they were all destroyed due to bankruptcy. This is the only one remaining. This Raider also has a disc brake mounted on the jack shaft that runs under the seat.

1973 Raider   34TT 1973 Raider 34TT
The Raider snowmobile was manufactured by Leisure Industries, Inc. of Troy, Michigan from 1971 through 1975. 500 units were built in 1971 and roughly 20,000 were built throughout the period. CCW, Kohler, and Hirth engines were used to power the various models. The late Bob Bracey, Raider inventor, was also associated with both Manta and Roamer snowmobile endeavors. Owner: Charlie Vallier

1973 Ski Doo    T’NT 400 1973 Ski Doo T’NT 400
This snowmobile was created to race. It was built from 6 different machines by D & B Racing. It has a 400 free-air chassis, a 1972 Yamaha 292 motor and was shortened 7 inches from stock. Its top speed was 56 mph. It raced in the improved relic class. After winning the 2 trophies, it has been “retired” to the Museum, making it available for all to see. The One Lunger races included: 1st Place - Newberry (200 laps) - Feb, 2008 2nd Place - Sault Ste Marie, MI - March, 2008 1st Place - Newberry - Feb, 2009 Owner and creator: Dave Pigeon Newberry, MI

1973 Sno Blazer 1973 Sno Blazer
This single ski, single track Sno Blazers were built by Fun Season, Inc. in Burnsville, MN for only the 1973 season. The machines were powered by Hirth and JLO engines and weighed 225#. Donated to the Museum by: Dennis Adams Berkley, MI

1973 Speedway 1973 Speedway
Speedway Products, Inc. of Mansfield, Ohio produced the Speedway snowmobile from 1972 through 1974. The machines wee designed and marketed by ex-Rupp employees as high performance snowmobiles. Think of it as a blue Ferrari claimed advertising. Features included aluminum chassis, 8” disc brakes, a low center of gravity and a sleek design. 1972 models were: 340cc Sachs Fan at 34hp 440cc Kohler Free Air Twin at 58hp 650cc Kohler Free Air Triple at 90hp w/pipes 1973 models were: 295cc Kohler Free Air 340cc Kohler Free Air Twin 440cc Kohler Free Air Triple w/pipes 650cc Kohler Free Air Triple w/pipes Earhart Industries, Inc. of Byron Center, MI was the exclusive Michigan distributor for Speedway snowmobiles. In 1973-74 approximately 1,000 Speedways were produced. In April, 1974 the entire business was sold to Fox Corporation of Janesville, WI and the entire operation was moved to Janesville.

1973 Suzuki XR 440 1973 Suzuki XR 440
This original, one-owner machine was purchased new in 1973 from Custom Fun in Howell, MI. It was made by US Suzuki Motor Corporation, Santa Fe Springs, California. It has 2 cycle, air cooled, 432cc/36hp engine. Donated to the Museum by: Wm. (Butch) McClatchey Howell, MI

1973 Timberwolf Werewolf 1973 Timberwolf Werewolf
This is a one-of-a-kind prototype. It was built in the early 1970’s by NorthSport Industries, Inc. of Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Interestingly, the Timberwolf served as the “Pace Sled” for the 1970 Soo I-500 International Snowmobile Race. This Werewolf is the race version of Northsport’s original model, the Timberwolf. Their intent was to run this machine in the I-500 Snowmobile Race, which is held in Sault, MI in February. It has a JLO 744cc engine. This Werewolf was owned by the late David Strickland of Sault Ste. Marie. Dave did some survey work for one of the Northsports owners, and was given this sled as part of his payment. The company was going under at that time. There is a picture of this Werewolf on the Timberwolf display board. Note that the picture shows a windshield and does not have a headlight. The holes for the windshield are visible on the hood. The current headlight assembly was added at a later date by Dave.

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