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Vintage Snowmobiles on Display at the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum

Welcome to our Featured Antique Snowmobile now on display in Naubinway, Michigan.  We are proud to feature this 1964 Polaris Pacer Antique Snowmobile.  This Pacer is the last of the Polaris Sportline styled sleds and the last of the primarily one-person Sno-Travelers to use the rounded nose section common to the smaller Sportline models.

This great addition to our museum was donated by John Mayer, a part-time resident of Curtis, MI. The Museum received a MCACA grant to restore the sled, and Museum member, John Ketcher, did just that.  Many thanks to John and his sandblaster, Darin Butkovich!

The Pacer snowmobile was produced for only the 1963 and 64 model years.  Some models continued to be sold until 1965.  The Pacer model was replaced by the Super Pacer in 1965.  The K represented a Kolher engine and the 80 meant the motor was 8hp.  Top speed for the K-80D was 25mph and the machine weighed 435lbs.  The selling price for this sled in 1964 was $835.

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