"Where the history of snowmobiling comes to life"

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"Where the history of snowmobiling comes to life."

Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum Building Project

October 19, 2013

The new, bigger and better, Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum is now OPEN for business!!

October, 2010

This page is dedicated to the new museum building, which has already become a project of the whole "snowmobile community". We consider this to be "your project". We thank everyone who has been or will be involved in helping us preserve the amazing history of the snowmobile.


The current museum began in July, 2007 in a rental building, which has become a great beginning experience for all involved. We began with 62 snowmobiles and some memorabilia, and have grown to 84 snowmobiles and a building completely full of memorabilia of a wide variety. Everything in the current building has been loaned or donated by generous snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the US and Canada.

The Museum Board purchased a site on the north side of US 2 in Naubinway, MI in July, 2010. The site has been cleared and is ready for the next step. If anyone needs basketball size rocks, we can help you out!  We are currently getting building cost estimates to take to the bank. We had a Board meeting on Feb. 2011 with our architect. She has the drawings ready. We have decided to downsize considerably, just so we can get out on the highway - Location, location, location!! The building has been designed so that we can add on at a later time.

As of Feb., 2012 we are in the process of applying for a USDA loan and are looking for any offers of labor or whatever anyone is willing to help us out with. We do need your offers of labor or materials in writing so we can put that in our application for the USDA loan. We need these as soon as possible. All donations are tax deductible! We are working to get this project going next spring.  

The Museum was notified in Dec. 2012 that we were awarded a $35,000 MCACA grant! This is a Capital Improvement grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. We are required to utilize the funds between Jan 2013 and Sept. 2013. We are very excited to have this to help with our building funding! With this grant and our donations, we were able to go to State Savings Bank in Manistique, MI and a loan was approved on March 14, 2013! Plans are now in the works to begin construction this spring, as soon as the snow goes. Stay tuned for more!

On March 14, 2013 the State Savings Bank of Manistique, MI approved a loan for the new museum! That means we will not be going through the USDA Rural Development Loan. The red tape is gone, and we are planning on beginning construction the middle of May, 2013. Donations keep coming in, which is so important to help us create a fantastic museum which will properly display and preserve the history of the snowmobile and involve the great supporters of the museum. We are borrowing $200,00, which is the minimum needed and that is without a paved parking lot. This will keep the monthly payment $70 more than what we have been paying for the last 4 years. Your donations and the MCACA grant have made this possible! Thank you!!

"Super cool little museum in Naubinway, Michigan. I didn't realize there were so many snowmobile manufacturers in the 70s. They had several prototypes that were one of a kind. There's all kinds of and unique snow machines. They also have a large collection of manufacturers outfits. If you are a snowmobiling enthusiast you will really enjoy the hour it takes to go through this great collection." — Laura Cipielewski, Google Reviews, 5 Stars

Fundraiser Challenge
♦  Click here for Fundraiser Form
The Museum Board would like to introduce the idea of our fundraiser promotion. We have purchased the property and are anxious to move out to the new location. We are hopeful that the snowmobile community is as excited about the preservation and promotion of the snowmobile history as we are. According to the outpouring of donated items that we have received in the last 6 years, we do consider this museum as "Your Snowmobiler's Museum". With the payments that we have been making on this current rental building, we know we can make payments on $200,000, so our goal is to raise $100,000 so we can begin construction as soon as possible.                                                                                                                             

The Challenge includes:                                                                                                                                        

1.The Museum is raising $100,000 and has acquired a loan for $200,000 to complete the new building.     

2. All donors contributing $50 or more will be listed on our donor wall at the Museum and will receive a tax deductible receipt. All donors will have their name put on a plate for the "Donor Wall". Donations over $500 will receive a snowflake on their tag and a membership to the musem. Over $1000 will receive 2 snowflakes and  a lifetime membership to the museum and a banner ad on the museum website.                                                                                                                                                                       

3. All $1000 donors will receive either a gold lifetime membership or a free banner ad on our website for  5  years.                                                                                                                                                                                        

4. Contribution forms are available at the Museum and are in the Fall, 2014 Newsletter.                

We will continue to update the information on the progress of this exciting adventure. Pictures can be found on the Gallery of Photos page.

New Building Donors/Contributors:


Aaron Schroeder/backhoe, Engadine, MI;                          Dave Kujawa/dozer & labor, Gould City, MI;

Zellar Excavating/chipper, Germfask, MI;                          Bruce Hamill/logging truck, Engadine, MI;

Hiawatha Sportsman's Club/site for stumps, Engadine, MI; Mike Meier, Naubinway, MI - Labor

Jason Vallier, Engadine, MI;                                               John Ketcher, Engadine, MI - Labor

Jack Gribbell, Engadine, MI - Rock Digger                           Aaron Oberle, Engadine, MI - Labor 

Scott Owen, Newberry, MI - Computer Services                    Vern Johnson, Engadine, MI - Labor

Karen Johnson, Mackinaw City, MI - blueprint work              Ron Leveille, Engadine, MI - Labor

Kurt Krause, Engadine, MI - Labor                                       Sean Feneley, Engadine, MI - Labor

Bob Edwards, Engadine, MI - Labor                                     Gary Derusha, Rexton, MI - Labor

Paul Williams, Engadine, MI - Labor                                    Ellis Sutfin, Naubinway, MI - Labor

Bruce Gustafson, Engadine, MI - Labor                                Randy Gallier, Naubinway, MI - Labor

Ken Vollick, Naubinway, MI - Labor

Ev Ferrell, Dorchester, NH - New seat for Raffle 2012 sled    Allen & Carl Frazier, Naubinway, MI, Labor

Architect Forum, Mackinaw City - Blueprint drawing/architect services discount

Tim Woder Construction, Gaylord, MI - donated the backhoe & labor to dig the footings

Kurt Doepke, Hawkwood Construction, Gould City, MI - Carpenter skills, install windows & doors

Mike Butkovich Trucking, Engadine, MI - donated his backhoe for backfill and dig the trench for electrical

Shaum Construction, Engadine, MI - donated equipment & driver to move trusses

Scott Owen, Newberry & Ben Lewis, Sault Ste. Marie,  - donated labor to set up computer service

John Matchinski & Crew, Engadine, MI - donated labor for trusses, roof sheeting & shingles and the sidewalk - $11,000 labor donation

Todd Seelye, Marion, MI - foundation/concete work, donating $10,000 labor cost 

CertainTeed, Roger & Bob Werner - Building wrap and siding and trim - $13,000 donation

Concrete Resource, John Jared & crew - Polish the concrete floors - $13,000 donation

John Krenek, Engadine - donated labor to install cabinets in kitchenette

Naubinway Christian Fellowship - painting the walls, & provided lunch and dinner for the crew

Local women, Naubinway & Engadine - cookies, lunch & other snacks for the daily workers

Drew Michelson, St. Louis, MI, - log table & bench


Beaudoin's Marathon/fuel, Naubinway, MI;               

Rick & Nancy Mallory (Lost Viking Enterprises-proceeds from sale of in-line filters), Cass City, MI   

Onaway Snowmobile Club (50/50 donation), Onaway, MI

John Matchinski Builder, Inc, Engadine, MI

John McGuirk, Sidney, Ohio                                      Bud & Gerri Knapp, Grand Rapids, MI

Guy Bowman, Gulliver, MI                                         Roger & Margie Myers, Weidman, MI

Steve Blair, London, Ohio                                          Roger & Karen Jarema, Boyne Falls, MI

Greg & Stephanie Karbowski, Holland, MI                  Shute Oil Co, Rudyard, MI - Raffle donations

Gary & Nancy Koska, Cold Spring, MN                        Gilbert Stump, Petoskey, MI

Don Soukup, Sturgeon Bay, MI                                   Fred Ritter, North Bay, Ontario

Boa Ski Brotherhood, West Allis, WI                          Darrell Peters, Vallonia, IN

Low Buck Vintage Riders, Menasha, WI                     Craig Hardigree, Columbia, TN

Gary Beemer, Attica, MI                                            Matt Beemer, Lapeer, MI

Brian & Diane Jung, Randolph, WI                             Monty & Art Fielding, London, Ontario

Team MPX Racing, Unionville, MI (donated winnings from the 2011 One-Lunger Races).Team Members: Derrick Rasch, Dave Pigeon, Brian Anderson, James Bristow, Mike Obey, Kaylina Caswell, William Doran, & Cal Kunicki.

East Jordan Sno-Mobilers, Inc., East Jordan, MI      Lou Jensen, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Ed Middleton, Naubinway, MI                                  McCoy Trenching & Excavating, Lewiston., IL 

N.E.W. LowBuck Vintage Riders Snowmobile Club, Pembine, WI

GoGo Diablo (Bruce Schoblaska), Suamico, WI         Terry Bond (M-28 Towing), Shingleton, MI

Rogers City Antique & Vintage Snowmobile Group, Rogers City, MI

White Pine Lodge, Christmas, MI                             Doris Haapala, Naubinway, MI 

Gordon Breeding, Alpena, MI                                  Jeff Malaska, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Ron & Cindy Cowen, Chelsea, MI                            George & Rose Creamer, Hillman, MI    

Kris Larsen, Kewaunee, WI                                     Dave Whitehead, Lake Nebogemon, WI

Arnie & Lorraine Frazier, Naubinway                      Steve Bilacic, Turner, MI

King's Fish Market Retail, Naubinway, MI                Victor Freed, Engadine, MI

Randy & Mary Abramson, Ironwood, MI                   Alan Wolfgang, Saginaw, MI

Roth's Resort, Engadine, MI                                    Howard & Holly Smith, Gould City, MI

Dan & Karen McLaughlin, Naubinway, MI                Dale & Betty Lypps, Hilton Beach, Ontario

Larry Hoverman, Lakeview, OH                               R. J. "Curley" Myers. So. Branch, MI

Antique Snowmobile Society, Cohasset, MN           Snomads Snofari Club, Davison, MI

John & Eleanor Vallier, Portland, MI                       Dennis & Lola Manner, Linden, MI

Steve Bilacic, Turner, MI                                        Don & Marilyn Willson, Nevada, OH

Larry & Patti Weinreis, Newberry, MI                     Dave & Lynne Pettit, New London, WI

ASBA Snowmobile Club, Traverse City, MI - Raffle Donation

Don Soukup, Sturgeon Bay, WI                                Dick Lesatz, Downers Grove, IL

Randy Lesatz, Seymour, WI                                    Rogers City Snowmobile Club, Rogers City, MI

White Pine Lodge, Christmas, MI                            Traverse Motors, Traverse City, MI

Lorraine Frazier, Naubinway, MI                            Ogemaw HIlls Snowmobile Club, Rose City, MI

Gary Trombley, Newberry, MI                                 Bill Zibell, Boyne Falls, MI

Keith & Meg Warning, Shorewood, IL                      Sam Simon Electric, Westphalia, MI

Dr. Tom & Henrietta Robinson, Brimley, MI             Doug Bolfa, Genoa, OH

Kemper Freeman, Livonia, MI                                 Loren & Carola Anderson, St. Germain, WI

John Zeglin, Delano, MN                                         John & Cynthia Sadowy, Applegate, MI

Dan & Karen McLaughlin, Naubinway, MI                 Ben & Sharon Kingren, Naubinway, MI

 David Karl, Grosse Ile, MI                                        MCACA Grant

 Certified & Diversified Services LLC, St. James, MN                                     

Don Hamilton, Thunder Bay,                                   Donald & Marilyn Willson, Nevada, OH

250 Snowmobile Group, Wisconsin                         Richard & Catherine Hollowell, Cedarville, MI

Tom & Debbie White, Merrimac, MA                        Jerry & Ann Gengler, Chesaning, MI 

Larry Hoverman, Lakeview, OH                               Steve & Corey Roth, Reese, MI 

White Pine Lodge, Christmas, MI                             Ron & Dolores Whitman, Bryan, OH  

Grand Valley Starlight Riders, Saranac, MI               John West, Lennon, MI

Vides King, Naubinway, MI                                       Sally Schultz, Naubinway, MI    

Shute Oil Co., Rudyard, MI                                       Bruce Schoblaska, Sobieski, WI

Lee & Marlene Kasper, Albertville, MN                      Rollin Siegfried, Eagle River, WI

Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Shows, Inc, Waconia, MI

Mike & Gertie Meier, Naubinway,  MI                         Keith & Meg Warning, Shorewood, IL

East Jordan Sno-mobilers, East Jordan, MI                 Dave & Denise Shute, Rudyard, MI

Doug & Darla Bonno, Iron River, MI                           Roger Werner, St. John's Fl

First National Bank, St. Ignace, MI                            Paul Donnenwerth, Saginaw. MI

Gary & Matt Beemer, Attica, MI                                Jerry & Ann Gengler, Chesaning, MI

Don & Connie Massey, East Jordan, MI                      Brian Wiegel, Minot, ND

D & D Home Center, Engadine, MI                         In Memory of Dorothy West, Lennon, MI

Larry & Tammy Bicigo, Crystal Falls, MI                 Tracy Germain Ins. Agency, Engadine, MI

Catherine Hollowell, Cedarville, MI                            Dale & Shirley Ledger, Gaastra, MI

Sailor's Cove Marine, Ortonville, MI                           Leroy & Thelma Boucha, Engadine, MI


D & D Hardware, Engadine/Newberry, MI - Materials supplied at cost.

 David Shope, Quality Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Rapid River, MI - Install plumbing & heating, 1/2 labor cost

John Jared, Lansing, MI - concrete finishing (polishing)

Fred Edgerton, Hale, MI - donated labor for a fireplace

Zellar Excavating, Gulliver, MI - donation of 150 yards of gravel

Architect Forum. Mackinaw City, MI - Donated $15,000 of fee for building plans

Lester Livermore, Naubinway, MI - flowers on the new site

Mike Butkovich, Engadine, MI - donation of 150 yards of gravel, use of equipment

Kurt Doepke, Hawkwood Construction, Gould City, MI - donating installation of windows & doors

Richard Flatt, Engadine, MI - Landscaping

Newberry Electrical Co. - 2 days labor for the construction project

Kyle Hinck, Cincinnati, OH - architectural drawings for the main sign

Don & Maria Brouwer, Fresno, CA - funding for the fireplace


Chairs for 50 people in our meeting room, cabinets, a coat rack, filing cabinet, coffeepot, commercial microwave, small tv screens to show dvd's.

On Sept 20, 2019, The Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum was awarded a grant of $12,500 for Operational Support from the State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA – ART WORKS). The grant was awarded through the MCACA peer review process and was one of 561 applications to compete for MCACA fiscal year 2019 funding. The grant requires a 1:1 match and helped the museum leverage the $12,500 of support from its annual income and the many donations from supporters. In particular the museum has received grants from the Graymont Community Economic Development Fund and the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. It has also received significant donations from the Antique Snowmobile Club of America, The Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Shows, Inc., many snowmobile clubs, several recreational and snowmobile shows, the museum’s internal $1,000.00 Challenge, and many museum members. The grant funds will be applied to museum operating costs. Applicable costs include internal operations, marketing, travel to shows within the State of Michigan and cost of employees. The MCACA peer review process allows for each grant applicant to be competitively considered by a panel of in-state and out-of-state arts and culture professionals. This ensures the taxpayers, who support this project through legislative appropriations, and all other visitors or residents in Michigan will have access to the highest quality arts and cultural experiences. A complete list of grant awards around the state is available by contacting MCACA at (517) 241-4011, or by visiting the MCACA website at
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