Judging Guidelines

Unrestored Classes:

Snowmobiles that are unrestored:

• May have cleaned and waxed hood, but may not be buffed.

• May have repaired seat seams, but seat panels may not be replaced.

• May have a clean tunnel, but may not be buffed.

• May have small paint touched up with a brush, but no spray paint.

• Replacement or reproduction windshields are allowed.

• NOS parts are allowed.

• Deduction for painted skis and painted suspension.

Restored Classes: 

Snowmobiles that are refinished back to their original, like-new appearance.

Items allowed:Items not allowed:
NOS parts 
BuffingMore chrome on machine than original
Dealer available partsNon-original parts
Reproduction parts 
New decals 
Repaired or replaced upholstery 

   Custom Class:

Restored (or unrestored) sleds with these non-original features: 

Custom skis 

Custom hoods including paint and/or decals                                                                                                      

Custom fiberglass work

Non-original exhaust

Custom windshields

Non original motor type in chassis

Custom seats.  Foam design or seat covering

Altered tunnel shapes

Any clone or replica sled

Hand-built or composite sleds built from multiple parts from other makes or models


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