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1947 Eliason Finds A New Home 1947 Eliason Finds A New Home
One of the highlights of our museum collection was the 1947 Eliason. This brand is said to be the first marketed snowmobile in the form that was the beginning of the product that we know of today. It was first built by Carl Eliason of Sayner, WI in the back of his general store about 1920. Carl was a blacksmith and dealer of our modern outboard motors.
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1966 Vancouver to Maine Snowmobile Trip 1966 Vancouver to Maine Snowmobile Trip

1971 Super Star Story 1971 Super Star Story
Nov 8, 2014. We had the thrill and honor today of meeting Martin Roy, his son, Brandon, and their friend, Paul-Emile Vachon. They drove 14 hours from Quebec to come here and pick up the 71 Super Star, which belonged to Larry & Tammy Bicigo. Today we understood why Martin was bugging Larry so much about buying this machine. His dad is the one who made them! Here is a picture of his dad, Martin and his brother with the Super Star back in 1970. His dad made approximately 40 in 1971 and a guy from Lansing, MI came to pick up 26 of them to take back to Lansing to sell. Martin even had pictures of the truck and load of 26 machines. .Unfortunately, the Lansing guy wrote a check for the sleds and it bounced. This tragic move caused the Super Star to become a legend. The Lansing guy (they think his name was Lathrop), tore all of the machines down and sold some of the parts. Martin's dad went to Lansing to rescue the sleds, but he was too late. He did return home with some parts, but he lost $26,000, causing him to close the company. Martin still has the very first machine made and took it to an International Show in Quebec a couple years ago and it took a 1st place. Martin's son, Brandon, was doing a search for the Super Star and the picture of the one in our museum popped up. That got his attention! He showed it to his dad, and here they are at the museum today. Larry & Tammy realized how much this sled means to this family, so they were happy to sell it and send it home where it belongs.

Bigfeet snowmobile Bigfeet snowmobile
When I was younger I had 3 of the Bolens Diablo Rouge machines. This was before the internet and I eventually ran out of parts to keep one running. They were scrapped. I never forgot the ease of operation and the power of that machine. I have had some luck with a similar design using parts from other scrapped machines. I still had one old sled so that was a good start. For tracks I used a short track Alpine lower unit with F-N-R and on top of that I mounted a Polaris 440 GT engine. It is scary fast and the neighbors hide when I start it up. Check out this video. Since this video I have named it Bigfeet and painted it OD green. Stu Varner North Pole, Alaska

Brad Hulings Autographs Poster for Museum Brad Hulings Autographs Poster for Museum
Brad Hulings Autographs His Poster for Museum Brad Hulings Autographs His Poster for Museum Charlie’s dad, Lawrence Vallier, used to sell Scorpion snowmobiles That is when Charlie put away several posters with the #1 racer for 1980, Brad Hulings, racing on a Scorpion. Charlie has said for years that it would be great to get his autograph on these posters!
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