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1947 Eliason Finds A New Home
1947 Eliason Finds A New Home One of the highlights of our museum collection was the 1947 Eliason. This brand is said to be the first marketed snowmobile in the form that was the beginning of the product that we know of today. It was first built by Carl Eliason of Sayner, WI in the back of his general store about 1920. Carl was a blacksmith and dealer of our modern outboard motors. He modified a 2.5 horsepower outboard for his power plant and fashioned the frame from metal heated over a coal stove. Steam from water boiling in the family washtub formed the skis. In 1932 he introduced a better model that was powered by a converted Indian motorcycle engine. The owner of this amazing snowmobile was Brent Schut from Deerton, MI, which is a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As many “hunters” know, great things can be found in odd places. Brent had 2 friends whose father owned this snowmobile, but it was stored in a trailer and in rough condition. It had definitely been used over the years! To make a long story short, the father gave the machine to Brent, who knew he wanted to restore it. It took him 7 years to complete the project. He spent 600 hours on the engine alone, listening to it at midnight when he finally got it running. He was able to take it to Sayner, WI to show it to the grandson, John Eliason. John was so impressed with the restoration work, he has asked Brent to restore a “C” model that he has personally kept over the years. The Museum was fortunate enough to display this snowmobile for 2 years, but as with all good things, it has moved on to a good home in Maine. We were able to keep some of the information about this snowmobile and the Eliason in general, which will be on display at the Museum. Thank you Brent for sharing this historic piece with so many people!

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