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Museum Features The Very Latest Prototype Museum Features The Very Latest Prototype
The Museum has the honor of presenting the latest prototype called the “Snobike”. The idea was created as a Senior Design Project for 4 mechanical engineering students at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, class of 2009-2010, Team 16 Snobike. The students are Matthew Brouwer from California, Justin Karsten from Michigan, Jen Meneely from Pennsylvania, and Matt Milan from Michigan.
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Naubinway "Fishmobile" Naubinway "Fishmobile"
They would convert this Model A(?) into a “Fishmobile” for the winter. This picture was taken in the late 50’s or early 60’s. The Frazier’s have been commercial fishermen from Naubinway for many years.
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Naubinway Visitor Raises Money for Smile Train Naubinway Visitor Raises Money for Smile Train
On a cold, blustery day in June, Dave Senske from Champion, MI stopped to have his picture taken next to our Alouette on display in our parking lot with his home-made trailer made to look like a snowmobile.
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Rare Visitor Rescued Rare Visitor Rescued
On a warm September day, with the door wide open, a local hummingbird felt inclined to come in and see what it was missing out on. Unfortunately, it decided this was not where he really wanted to be and hard a difficult time finding that same door it came through earlier. It became so frightened and exhausted, the poor thing got it’s bill stuck in the grid for the ceiling tiles. Luckily, another visitor, Jean Eckler from Baja, Mexico came to the rescue. She was able to collect it from a window when it finally collapsed, took it outside and stroked it back to life. The hummingbird recovered, flashed it’s tiny tongue a few times and took off – hopefully to find a friendlier destination for a hummingbird. Well done, Jean!

Rescue Sled Story Rescue Sled Story
July 18, 2015. Today we met Greg Hertel and his wife, Jennifer. Greg is very interested in the history of snowmobiling. He has been a racer, dealer, and huge fan since the early 70's. He also knows a lot of people we know. I loved his story about this rescue sled. The woman who owned this machine lost her husband in a tragic accident and she wanted to donate it to the Newberry, MI rescue department. Greg saw her ad and responded to her. He, along with his step-brother, Chris, offered to restore the machine in 2008. Several others donated money for the parts and a graphics business donated the decals. It was then donated to the Newberry rescue department and they are still using it today. What a great group effort to do something beneficial to so many! Here is the article about this machine, from TV6 News: It's a tragic story with a happy ending. NEWBERRY -- It's a good ending to a sad story. The Luce County EMS now has a new rescue snowmobile, and it's thanks to the generosity of a downstate woman. Geraldine Mukuch lost her husband, Mike, in a snowmobile accident in February. She and her family decided to donate his sled to the EMS. Friday morning in Newberry, Geraldine Makuch and Luce County rescue workers watched as her husband's snowmobile was revealed for the first time. The same sled that took a life is now ready to save one. "It will be primarily used for snowmobile accident rescues," says Michigan State Trooper Dave Moeggenborg, "responding to accidents on the snowmobile trails where the only access is by snowmobile." Geraldine wanted to donate the sled to the Luce County EMS, but it was badly damaged in the accident. The sled needed over $4,000 worth of repairs, and all that money and labor was donated by snowmobilers from across the Midwest. Shortly after the accident, Luce County Deputy Tim Maskus posted the story on, a website forum dedicated to the sport. The response was overwhelming. "The parts were paid for by donations," says Greg Hertel of Bloomfield. "People that were on the website and read about it...snowmobilers from all over Michigan sent in money." Greg and his stepbrother, Chris, do snowmobile repair-work downstate. They read Tim's message and just had to help. "I was coming up on a trip in the beginning of March," says Parsons, "and decided to contact Tim and donate my services to pick up the sled, bring it down, and have my stepbrother rebuild it." Luce County EMS officials are very grateful for the generous donation. "Best case scenario is that we never have to use this piece of equipment," says Emergency Chief Michael Wolfe, "but it's here in case it's necessary." Geraldine says her husband's memory can now live on forever on the trails.

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