Video, Old Iron II

Second in the series, Old Iron II starts up where Old Iron left off. We take the viewer to some of the sport's largest vintage events including Eagle River's World Series Vintage Classic for insane speed, racing, ovals and snocross. Our 2nd stop is a Waconia MN for the largest "Ride in" of its kind with over 700 classic, vintage and antique sleds to ogle over. We then head to NY state for the "Great Eastern White Out" where we find the cream of the crop in the east. We'll explore 3 of the greatest snowmobile museums, including the Hall of Fame, World Snowmobile Headquarters and Michigan's Top of the Lake Museum. This highly edited film also has tons of great original film clips from the 60's and 70's that will be sure to bring you back in time to an era of Old Iron. One hour and 57 mins of fun for the whole family.

Price: $10.00

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