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Boggona - 50 Year Reunion Boggona - 50 Year Reunion
Valdi Stefanson, here, from Stacy Minnesota. I am the lucky and proud owner of a Boggona rear engined motorized toboggan, made in St. Boniface (Winnipeg) Manitoba. Approximately 75 Boggona machines were produced between 1959 and 1964.
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Bombardier B12 Bombardier B12
Inspired to develop transportation for snowbound rural Quebec after his 2 year old son died in 1934 when the family was unable to reach a hospital, inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier patented a sprocket wheel and track system in 1937 to drive his snow vehicles and formed l’Auto-Niege Bombardier in his home town of Valcourt, Quebec. After World War II, Bombardier introduced the 12-passenger B12 model, an immediate hit for use as public transport and by ambulance services and utility and mining companies. In 1955, the snow coaches also opened Yellowstone National Park to winter visitors, where they are still in service.

History of the OMC Rotary Snowmobile by Mike Griffith History of the OMC Rotary Snowmobile by Mike Griffith

Kissing Cousins by Valdi Stefanson Kissing Cousins by Valdi Stefanson
This article harkens back to the golden age of snowmobile sales. Armond Bombardier had proven that a small agile snow machine could transform the industry from a purveyor of utility and workhorse snow machines into an industry that could provide another avenue of family oriented winter recreation. That is, the marketplace was expanding exponentially for snowmobiles. The year is 1967 and every merchant in the snow belt needed a snowmobile to offer its customers. Indeed, this was no longer a business of a few primary manufacturers and their select dealers. This story illustrates that even catalog sales and hardware stores wanted in on this growing marketplace.
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Larven Snowmobile Larven Snowmobile
A truly unique design, the Lenko Larven explored the idea of using actual cross-country skis to direct a tracked vehicle through the snow. The brainchild of Sweden’s Lennart Nilsson, the Larven actually enjoyed a good shelf life, beginning in the mid 1960’s and continuing into the 1970’s, although in very limited production.
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