Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display

Top of The Lake Snowmobile Museum Sleds on Display.

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1971 Big Boss 1971 Big Boss
In 1970-71, 20 Big Boss snowmobiles were manufactured in Ovid, MI by Aurora Engineering. Only 8 were ever sold and the rest were destroyed as a part of a bankruptcy proceeding. This model with a 340cc CCW engine is one of three known to have survived. CCW and Tohatsu motors were used. The chassis has aluminum angle iron installed on the bottom of the chassis for mounting the bogie wheels. This was only used on the first few manufactured. The sales literature for the Big Boss is completely different from the actual machine except for the green and black color scheme. At one time the company had intended to buy snowmobiles from an un-named Canadian manufacturer and rebadge them as Big Bosses. The sales literature looks exactly like an Alaska Ski, which was a red and black color scheme versus the green and black on the Big Boss. This intention was never carried out.

1971 Chimo 1971 Chimo
The Chimo snowmobile was manufactured by Somovex Inc. of L’islet, Quebec, Canada from 1970 to 1971 and was powered by a 10hp Husqvarna engine. The Mighty Mini: Light and responsive Compact Big Model qualities Small but Big on advantages Also marketed as the Snow Tamer by JC Penney, and later as the Sno- Chief Papoose by Dauphin of Grand-Mere, Quebec for Dufrane Motor of Malone, NY.

1971 Cutter Kitchen 1971 Cutter Kitchen
This Cutter Kitchen is believed to be from 1971-72. It is the first of two designs that Arctic Cat made. The second design was made in the 1980’s. They originally were sold new for $495 at your local Arctic Cat dealer.

1971 Grand Prix 1971 Grand Prix
In 1970 and 1971 the Boatel Co. of Mora, Minnesota developed the Grand Prix and they were manufactured in Isle, MN. There two models; 1000 were made in 1970. The GP 440 had a 28hp 434cc Rockwell/JLO motor. In 1971, 1000 were made and these machines had a CCW motor. They also made houseboats and pontoons. The biggest styling feature of the machines is their butterfly handlebars. Its creator wanted a handlebar with a vertical grip. Unfortunately, they made the machine priced way above the normal market in 1970 at $1895.00 Over the years the Boatel Company manufactured other snowmobiles after purchasing the rights for the Trailmaker from the Abe Matthews Co. in 1964. Next in their line-up came the Ski Bird and later the Grand Prix. 1972 was the end. They were just not good in the deep snow and pricey, so Boatel went back to making boats.

1971 NGC   Model 72S 1971 NGC Model 72S
This snowmobile, an NGC, which stands for New Generation Corporation, was built in Canton, Ohio in 1971. This unit is reported to be 1 of only 4 to be built. Serial #278. It is powered by a 5hp Tecumseh engine. The rider must swing the steering arms up and out of the way in order to enter the cockpit and sit down. There is one model that has a cover over the leg area. This machine was found at a farm auction north of Engadine, MI. Owner: Charlie Vallier Engadine, MI

1971 Shark      SS-292 1971 Shark SS-292
The Shark snowmobile was manufactured in Denver, CO and later Aurora, CO from 1971 through 1974 by F.D. Brueshoff and Associates. Floyd Brueshoff wanted to build a sled that would better handle the soft snow in the High country and developed a machine in the intermediate class combining light weight with power and still capable of carrying large loads under adverse conditions. The various models ranged in weight from 220# to 250#. The machines were built to give the highest horsepower to weight ratio in the industry, 1hp to 10#. Four models were offered for 1971 with 20hp to 32hp, and later increased to 36hp. Owner: Bud and Ron Knapp

1971 Sno Pony 1971 Sno Pony

1971 Sno Prince Junior 1971 Sno Prince Junior
Lionel Industries, Inc. of Princeville, Quebec, Canada started manufacturing snowmobiles in 1968. Late in 1968 they were bought by Giffen US who continued to manufacture the Sno Prince line until 1973. The 1973 models were presented but never sold. In November, 1970, Sno Prince introduced a children’s sled called the Sno Prince Junior and produced two models for the 1971 model year. They were the Junior 180, which was an 8hp, and the Junior 230, which was 12hp. In 1972, the only model was the Junior 230 at 14hp. In 1973 the Junior Mark I was introduced, but never sold.

1971 Sno-Byke 1971 Sno-Byke
This original Sno-byke is one of 13 made by Sno-Byke, Inc in Minneapolis, MN. They could be purchased in red or yellow. It is powered by a 8hp,134cc Chrysler engine, has an 8 inch wide track with a single sprocket, a heavy duty steel ski with leaf spring suspension, and an over-sized braking system. It is capable of speeds up to 30mph and weighs 97 lbs. “Sno-byke combines the fun of snowmobiles with the features of minibikes”

1971 Super Star 1971 Super Star
In 1969, 3 snowmobile enthusiasts decided to try their luck at selling snowmobiles in Canada. Denis Roy, Lucien Carrier, & Donald Boutin formed the fabrication business, BCR Autoniege, Inc in St. Henedine, Quebec (after the first letters of their names). For the first winter, 1970, they built 5 snowmobiles. These machines had a Kohler motor. For the second year, they increased production to 40 machines in 6 models. They all had a Kohler engine, 15.5 in. track, a removable 4 gal. gas tank and the options of electric start, reverse, speedometer, odometer and a Metal Flake cab. In 1971, an American offered to distribute the Super Star in the U.S., but paid for them with a bad check. 26 machines crossed into the U.S. and were resold in parts. The owners were only able to find 3 of the snowmobiles. To minimize costs in 1972, they bought parts from the Dauphin Co. in Grand Mere, Quebec, but so many companies were going out of business that year and these 2 companies had to close their doors, too.

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